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Enjoy superior skin care every day at a sensible price. Compare our handcrafted soaps to common bath bars and body washes. Your skin will know and show the difference.

herbaria all natural handmade soap

“There is absolutely no soap like yours to be found out here on the West Coast, and believe me, I've hunted!

Martha Austen Vender,
San Francisco, CA

"Best soap I've ever used."

Looking for the best all natural, cold-process lye soap? Our Castile, all vegetable formula leaves your skin not only clean but silky smooth and moisturized. Terrific for face and body, men and women, young and old.

“My husban 구글정보이용료 d's contact dermatitis is gone.”

According to the Am 구글정보이용료 erican Academy of Dermatology, rashes related to skin care 구글정보이용료 products arise from synthetic fragrance, preservatives, dyes and for 구글정보이용료 maldehyde. We don’t profess to cure or 구글정보이용료 treat any of these maladies. Our products simply don’t cause skin irritation in the first place.

We do not mak 구글정보이용료 e health claims for any product, although we frequently hear that Herbaria soaps have helped with acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and other persistent skin problems.

“We t 구글정보이용료 rust Herbaria.”

E 구글정보이용료 njoy our other ski 구글정보이용료 n-friendly p 구글정보이용료 roducts. Like our soaps, they c 구글정보이용료 ontain no artificial fragrance. We use essential oil from plants trusted for centuries--herbs, spices and exotics like frankincens 구글정보이용료 e, vetiver and ylang yl 구글정보이용료 ang, to provide 구글정보이용료 splendi 구글정보이용료 d aromas and additional benefits.

Explore our 구글정보이용료 site to discover natural deodorantsmoisturizers, insect repellents, room fresheners and more. Be sure to check back often for our latest products.

If we can be of assistance to you, don’t hesitate to contact us.


"My skin reacts to all kinds of thi 구글정보이용료 ngs but it's never reacted to any of your soaps."

Denise Pakala, 구글정보이용료 Manchester, MO

“Holy cow! &m 구글정보이용료 dash; I had no idea how different a bar of soap could be. I was really struck by the fact that it lathered really well and left my skin feeling 'sq 구글정보이용료 ueaky clean' but, at the same time, incredibly soft. Even my elbows felt softer! I'm definitely hooked.”

Jackie Bu 구글정보이용료 nnell, La 구글정보이용료 wrence, KS

“It&rsq 구글정보이용료 uo;s just nutty how much my wife and I love this 구글정보이용료 soap.”

Bob B 구글정보이용료 aisch, Wildwood, MO

“You g 구글정보이용료 uys are still my favorites! I've tried quite a few other 구글정보이용료 hand-made soaps now and they just do not hold up to Herbaria. Even my husband sings your praises to 구글정보이용료 family and friends.”

Jam 구글정보이용료 i Shopf, Bionic Beauty blog
Read 구글정보이용료 what other blo 구글정보이용료 ggers have to say.

?쏧 love the scents of your soaps.??/p>

Thierry Masson, perfumer
La Rochelle, France
Si T'M

?쏻e hav 구글정보이용료 e a history of 구글정보이용료 eczema and ro 구글정보이용료 sacea in our family and your soap has 구글정보이용료 done wonders. Itchy skin is a thing of the past!??/p>

Jen 구글정보이용료 nifer H 구글정보이용료 ertel, Ke 구글정보이용료 nosha, WI

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